Converting Energy to Medical Progress

Wise Investments in Future Healthcare

Today's BER Research Leads to the Nuclear Medicine of Tomorrow

In the year 2001, BER Medical Sciences funds cutting-edge nuclear medicine research at three DOE National Laboratories and more than 20 universities and private institutions. The next eight pages briefly highlight just a few BER research projects.

Future Promise of Nuclear Medicine Depends on BER

The human body operates on millions of chemical reactions.All the characteristics of a living human being--our hair color, the activity of the heart, how we think and remember, the way we laugh--depend on a galaxy of biochemical reactions that occur many millions of times per minute within the cells and tissues of our body. A deranged chemical process can cause disease. And a disease results in other abnormal biochemical changes. Nuclear medicine, with its unique ability to reveal biochemical processes,provides crucial information about numerous diseases. More than any other federal agency, the Department of Energy (DOE), through the BER Medical Sciences program, has fostered the development of nuclear medicine. The future promise of nuclear medicine, the radiopharmaceuticals and imaging systems of tomorrow, depends on the progress and creativity of today's BER researchers (see Current BER Scientists: Principal Investigators).

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Published April 2001

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